About Us

Dragon's Den Investor, Touker Suleyman and Matchstick Monkey Founder, Katie
We believe that each and every moment of parenthood is worth treasuring; from the adoring smiles and giggles to those moments you just need to sleep! Each milestone brings something new to love and learn. At Matchstick Monkey, we design products that help you guide your baby through the key developmental stages of teething, from before the first tooth, through to the very last. 

Matchstick Monkey was born in the UK when new mom, Katie, couldn't find anything to ease her baby Minnie's teething pain. At just one-month-old, Minnie's pain was constant. She wouldn't settle and no one was getting much sleep. Minnie refused every teething toy and Katie couldn't find anything that could reach Minnie's back molars and massage the pain. This was when Katie realized there had to be a solution. Inspired by her daughter's love of monkeys, the original designs for Matchstick Monkey were created.

Katie, now Mummy to Minnie, Coco & Bailey launched Matchstick Monkey in the United Kingdom with the help of Touker Suleyman from BBC’s Dragon’s Den in December 2016. And the rest is history!

Innovation and problem solving are at the center of Matchstick Monkey’s philosophy. Each of our products is tested to the highest standards and are reviewed by real moms and dads. We have been awarded multiple awards including the famous UK Mother & Baby Awards in 2019 and 2020!

Matchstick Monkey is perfect for parents or friends and family looking for a unique gift that really makes a difference.

We’re delighted that Matchstick Monkey has proven incredibly popular with parents worldwide, with our products now being sold in over 40 countries. We continue to develop new innovative teething and baby products, including bath toys, gift sets and more.

Photo Credit: Junior Magazine, UK