Why are our baby teethers & bath toys protected with BioCote and what are the benefits?

Why are our baby teethers & bath toys protected with BioCote and what are the benefits?

Ever wondered why Matchstick Monkey uses BioCote® to protect our teethers and bath toys? You've probably heard stories of horrified parents finding mold in teethers their babies have been chewing on, or bath toys their babies have been playing with! 

The BioCote Antimicrobial Technology helps keep germs at bay, by reducing microbes on the surface of the teether to make it even more hygienic, especially when you’re on the go.

BioCote is the market leading antimicrobial additive supplier. With over 20 years of experience, BioCote is an expert in antimicrobial technology and they are dedicated to helping businesses around the world create products that are more hygienic and protected against the negative effects of bacteria and mold.

Benefits of Antimicrobial Technology

  • BioCote provides permanent built in protection for the expected lifetime of the teether. It is not a coating that wears off over time!
  • It reduces microbes on the surface of the product, making it hygienically cleaner. 
  • BioCote technology protects our teethers against a wide range of microbes including bacteria and mold.
  • BioCote products are used and trusted by millions of customers around the world.
  • BioCote formula allows the product to stay more hygienic and cleaner but it doesn’t mean that the product shouldn’t be cleaned.
  • BioCote provides continuous, around the clock protection against microbial colonization.
  • BioCote kills 99.99% of microbes in just 2 hours. 

Why are only some Matchstick Monkey Teethers protected with BioCote? 

Our Original Teething Toys launched prior to us making the decision to include BioCote Antimicrobial Technology in our teethers. However, we do plan on protecting all our teethers with BioCote in the future.